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To create a world where all children in the world can live with self-respect and can pursue self-actualization.

 10 years ago you helped a child, did their dreams come true?

 Turning dreams into reality isn’t easy;
 It’s even harder for those struggling in great poverty.

 The CEO and founder of NGO Yuimar, Tomoko Teruya, began volunteer work in high school and travelled to Mongolia when she was a sophomore student in university. She visited an orphanage, and became aware of issues such as “exiting poverty” and the “cycle of poverty” surrounding the Manhole Children.*1

 A new born baby was under protection in the Mongolian orphanage we visited.
The baby’smother Tuya, who had graduated from the orphanage had went from job to job, but ended up returning to the manhole. Weeping, she handed over her child to the orphanage saying that she was not able to raise her child inside the unhygienic manhole. Children who were once taken into protection and had graduated from the orphanage were going back to the life in the manhole because they were not able to become self-dependent. This, and the awareness towards the situation where Manhole Children were being reproduced, led to the establishment of NGO Yuimar.

 Initially, when NGO Yuimar was established, we tried to support the children’s dreams by providing scholarships for university, thus helping the children enter university. However, we realized that “self-denial” and the “habit of easily giving up” were the obstacles to entrance examinations for universities or entering a workforce. When living on the streets, surviving the day was top priority, and giving up as soon as things did not work out were ingrained in the children as a way to survive. Helping these children to get out of “cycle of poverty” and to reach their goals requires constant support.


*1  In the beginning of the 90’s, Mongolia experienced an economical meltdown due to the breakdown in the communist system. Around 3000 children who had lost their homes due to their parent’s unemployment began living in manholes, which had a warm water supply pipe running, in order to escape the cold that was 30 degrees below zero. They came to be called “Manhole children”. A national project is going underway in Mongolia to protect these children. The number of Manhole Children have decreased to a few hundred since the 1990s, when there were said to be around 3000 to 4000 of these children.


 Since the establishment of NGO Yuimar, we have been assisting children who live in the orphanages in Mongolia. We plan on extending our support to the whole country, then eventually over to Asia, Africa and the world.

Founder and CEO of NGO Yuimar

 Born in Okinawa in 1984. A Juris Doctor. Graduate of Sophia Law Shcool and Waseda University School of Law. After engaging in JICA(Japan International Cooperation Agency) projects assisting the development of economic legal infrastructure and company law in China. Founded NGO Yuimar in 2007 while a student. NGO Yuimar focuses on supporting street chilldren to become self-reliant. Achieved to helped 100% of the children to get in to universities or to find permanent jobs at a Mongolian orphanage.



 In order to realize our vision, NGO Yuimar focuses on”SELF-ESTEEM” and “SELF-ACTUALIZATION”, helping children to become self-reliant.

 Through various activities, we realized that the positive shift from the habit to give up to the habit to persevere, and self-denial to self-affirmation, was important in stretching the potential of the children. That is why we included all children around the world, not only Mongolia, into our work in order to help them become self-reliant.


 That is why NGO Yuimar decided to host a concert performance in Japan, in order to cultivate a sense of “self-affirmation” and foster the “strength to not easily give up and persevere”. This concert was a chance for the orphan children to display in Japan, the fruits of the music program that was part of their education curriculum in the orphanage. The claps that the children received from the audience on stage, after tireless practice throughout daily hardships and difficulties, gave them great confidence.

Our programs to foster a sense of self-affirmation

1. Music Program

 A sense of self-affirmation can be fostered through little experiences of success in being able to do something, such as being able to sing, or play an instrument.

2. Japan Visit Program

 After tireless efforts in the Music Program, it is a huge experience of success to take part in a concert in Japan, and will help them realize that doors will open with effort.

3. Homestay Experience

 We provide an experience of living in a warm and love filled environment, where the children can meet their Host Mothers and Fathers who will watch over them and accept their individual personalities.

Why Music?

 The aim of the Music Program that strengthens the spirit which is vital to self-reliance, is not to improve skills, but to build successful experiences of “achieving results after continuous efforts” and realizing that “if you try, you can do it and with efforts, doors will open.” That is why in order for children who do not discover their talent in music, to participate in the program, we focus on strengthening the children’s patience, perseverance and emphasize team building.

Our programs to help children’s self-actualization

1. Career Workshops

 We provide opportunities for working adults to introduce their profession, think about what kind of jobs there are in society, and what careers are suited to each of them.

2. Support to become self-dependent

 We provide opportunities for over high school children to learn the skills and knowledge important to live independently after graduating from the orphanage, such as cooking, cleaning and signing contracts.

3. Scholarships for university

 By helping children to enter the university, department of their choice, we support children’s self-actualization. We help them to improve their professional skills, get a position in their desired profession and become self-dependent.

“Children of the Sun Center”, an orphanage that achieved a 90% university entrance rate and 100 % employment rate.

 “Children of the Sun Center”, an orphanage we had been supporting since the founding of NGO Yuimar, has achieved a university entrance rate of 90% and an employment rate of 100 %. In addition to the efforts of the head of the orphanage, Erdenechuluun, the concert performance in Japan by the orphan children fostered a sense of self-affirmation. Also, provision of scholarships helped the children have hope for the future, and have been successful in making children becoming more self-reliant.


1. Support and management of the orphanage.

 Support for the living expenses of approximately 40 children who live in the orphanage, salaries of the staff, and anything else that concerns the management of the orphanage.

2. Concert performance in Japan

 50 people in all travelled to Japan in the past 5 years, and have mobilized approximately 20, 000 people at the concert. Making the concert a success and receiving a round of applause helped the children gain confidence.

3. Scholarships for university

 Providing school fees, dormitory fees and living expenses for four to six years to 52 children who have graduated from the orphanage. Many orphan graduates from the “Children of the Sun Center” were accepted to prestigious universities.


 NGO Yuimar is currently working with Mongolian State Children and Family Development Unur Bul Center to help children foster a sense of self-affirmation and self-actualization, which is important in order to realize their future and become self-reliant after graduating from the orphanage.


Mongolian State Children and Family Development Unur Bul Center

 This orphanage is the only national orphanage in Mongolia. Since the establishment in 1973, they have accepted approximately 200 children, making it the biggest orphanage in the country. The necessary fees such as the staff’s salary, the children’s living expenses, expenses concerning compulsory education, are subsidized by the government because it is run by the country.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@yuimar.org if you require any further information.

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