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 Since the establishment of the Don Bosco Orphanage in 2003, they have provided opportunities for children who are not able to live with their families for various reasons to go to school while living in a warm loving environment, and also opportunities to gain skills to be employed.

 However, Don Bosco Orphanage have been facing difficulties in fundraising since July 2014 and are looking for individuals and organizations who are willing to support them.

 This website is created and managed by NGO Yuimar to support the Don Bosco Orphanage.
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■ Efforts of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Mongolia

Activities of The Salesians of Don Bosco inside Mongolia

 The Salesians of Don Bosco in Mongolia strives to provide opportunities to children and their families to escape from their difficulties. The Salesians of Don Bosco have provided programs to support children who cannot adapt into ordinary schools, and also families who have come from the country to the capital of Ulan Bator to look for jobs.

The Establishment of the Don Bosco Technical and Industrial Training Center

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 Since 2001, youth who have not been able to complete a traditional high school education have found educational opportunities at the Don Bosco Technical and Industrial Training Center in Ulaanbaatar.
The training facility started with 30 students and today has more than 300 gaining skills in car mechanics, tailoring, secretarial services, welding and construction.

The Establishment of the Don Bosco Orphanage

 The number of unemployed young and the homeless population increased due to an unprecedented number of people moving to Ulan Bator to search for jobs. The Salesians of Don Bosco have continually provided support programs to people who need support. The problem of street children was especially grave at the time and several thousand children were living on the streets or in manholes. In order to support these children, Don Bosco Orphanage was established in 2003 to protect street children and to provide 24-hour care.


■ The Don Bosco Orphanage


Establishment and Closing of the Orphanage

 The Salesians of Don Bosco initially had no plan to build an orphanage and instead planned on supporting mainly families and the young. However, because there were so many street children at the time, special measures were taken to establish an orphanage with a 10 year limitation. The building of the orphanage was originally a job training school building, and the first floor is still used as a training facility for sewing.

 In 2014, it reached its initially planned 10 year limit and the provision of operating fees from the main headquarters expired. With this, the orphanage was forced to close in the end of June 2014. At this time, 14 boys lived together like a family in the Don Bosco Orphanage. There were even some children who became emotionally unstable from anxiety that they would have to separate soon.

The Don Bosco Orphanage Today

 From 2013, NGO Yuimar has participated and has conducted revisions of the budget plans. As a result, the budget of July 2014 to June 2015 is estimated to be approximately 5.5 million yen, 40% less than the preceding year. Out of this, several million yen were provided by calling for contributions in Mongolia by Father Andrew. The remaining shortage of money was met by donation campaigns centered around crowdfunding by NGO Yuimar. The success of this campaign led to the one year continuation of the Don Bosco Orphanage. However, ways to raise operating funds after July 2015 need to be examined.


Message from Father Andrew (Director of the Don Bosco Center)

 Our center was established for the children in difficulties in life, in education and give them a chance for the better future. So the center are run by the Salesians of Don Bosco together with the lay staff was form by the Mongolian, those who have a professional and skill to work for the young people. So we

 1. give to the children good accommodate to life properly, provide food, clothes and all means.

 2. give to the children good education, basic education and guide them to professional, sport, skills…

 3. give to the children good and basic formation about life, morality, humanity… the values of life.

 4. give to the children have a chance to re united with the family and social.

 With simple vision for our children here, but a lot of work need to do, to support them, we humbly ask to all of you also give a hand to help those children are in abandoned, risk, poor, homeless, orphanage… have a chance to change their life and have a life worth a human should have.

 We sincerely thanks and may God bless you all.


■ The Children of the Don Bosco Orphanage

 There are presently 13 boys from 10 to 17 years old living in the Don Bosco Orphanage. We will introduce their daily lives.


Listening to Tomoko in the living room. People gather in this room to play, watch television, and have conversations as seen in this photo.


Children doing homework together in the study room. If there is anything they do not know, they can ask the teacher immediately.


This is the children’s bedroom. There are two rooms in total, one for small children and the other for big children. The lockers beside the bed are each assigned to individuals.


We make meals together on weekends. This time, we made a meal with a graduate student, Ponsog and Tomoko.


Eating at the dining hall with everyone. Before we eat, we pray.


Children go to mass in the monastery every weekend.

 In this campaign applying crowdfunding for the continuation of the orphanage, the children thought of ways to express gratitude towards their supporters and prepared gifts of appreciations.


When it was decided that operation funds would be gathered using crowdfunding, the children brainstormed ideas on what to send their supporters to show gratitude.


The midway progress of the crowdfunding is being explained. Everyone is surprised to hear that people from far away countries are donating large amounts of money for them.


The oldest member of the orphanage Tumur is teaching other children how to make pen holders made out of beads to send to their supporters.


An elderly and smaller child work in pairs to make the beads product in the way Tumur taught them. This is the pair consisting of Enkhtor and the youngest member in the orphanage, Muji.


The Anoter and Iider pair. The elderly often take good care of the young, and Anoter is teaching kindly to Iider.


After the success of the campaign, message cards to all 252 supporters were written. Messages were written in Mongolian along with their names and the words “Arigatou Gozaimasu” which mean “thank you” in Japanese. Each child wrote 22 messages.

 This website is created and managed by NGO Yuimar to support the Don Bosco Orphanage.
 Please click here to contact us about supporting the Don Bosco Orphanage.

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